Arnhildur Valgarðsdóttir ‘Adda’ – Organist & Choir Director

Arnhildur Valgarðsdóttir or ‘Adda’ (the name she performs under) is an extraordinary women of song and music. Linda Buckley and producer Helen Shaw met up with her at a church in Iceland where she plays organ, piano and leads the choir.


She is a multi-instrumentalist, a composer and a performer. She took her musical show inspired by the Icelandic Sagas to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year and as she says herself she always has half a dozen projects on the go at the one time.


Adda talks about the power of choirs in Iceland and how the church in Iceland is not so much about religion as community.

Linda Buckley with Adda at Fella-og Hólakirkja