Professor Terry Gunnell – Irish and Icelandic Folklore and Folktales

Prof. Terry Gunnell is a well known expert on Icelandic and Nordic folk traditions and in this interview with Linda Buckley for Mother’s Blood, Sister Songs he traces the links between Ireland’s folklore and Iceland. Terry’s roots are in Brighton, England but he has a PhD in Icelandic Studies from Leeds University and is now Professor of Folkloristics at the University of Iceland.


His research field includes legends, folk beliefs and festivals in Iceland, the Nordic countries and the British Isles/Ireland; Old Norse religion; drama (medieval; Ibsen, Strindberg; Absurdism, Shakespeare, Total Theatre; comedy), folk drama; performance studies.

The performance of Eddic poetry – interview with professor Terry Gunnell

Terry in conversation with Linda Buckley ©Athena Media